Jamie is the equivalent of that magical club every golfer wants in their bag…the one that gives you that little edge and drive to improve and enjoy the game of golf!

As a total novice at the tender age of 60 something, Jamie steadily worked on my grip, my stance, my swing and the different clubs at a pace that suited me and really gave me the confidence to set foot on the hallowed greens of my club.

Now I have a handicap, he is steadily and patiently refining and improving each and every aspect of my game-and each lesson builds on the last with clear directions as to what to practice, whilst still enjoying a regular game with ‘the lads’.  And perhaps the highest recommendation for Jamie comes from ‘the lads’ themselves when they comment on how rapidly my game has improved over the passing weeks.

Great guy, great coaching in excellent facilities; highly recommended.

George, Helsby.

Jamie did a great job taking me from a borderline handicapper who hadn’t played for 6 months to a competent golfer with the ability to self diagnose my own swing.

I would fully recommend Jamie for his methods and the way he approaches teaching.

Matt, Chester

Upon retirement a friend persuaded me to take up the game again, I had stopped playing years ago.  So with borrowed =set of clubs I joined him as a guest at a golf society day; what a mistake.  Thank goodness for stableford; I picked the ball up on most holes and just walked the course.

Following that game and on my friends recommendation I rang Jamie and arranged an urgent lesson.  Jamie watched my swing and we started working on laying down the foundations required to get round a course without further embarrassment.  My game soon started to improve and after a while I achieved a good score in the societies weekly competition.

Jamie’s style of coaching is friendly and he never expects the impossible.  He works with what can be achieved and tailors his coaching to suit the person.  What may be right for one person may not suit another whose age, build or experience are different.  Taking lessons from Jamie is like having a tailored suit made as opposed to buying one “off the peg”.

If only he had coached me all those years ago!

Chris,  Chester

“I have been a frustrated 15 handicap slicer/puller of the ball for many years, hitting glancing/cut shots – this despite countless golf lessons from many teachers. In just a few lessons, Jamie has entirely transformed the quality of my ball striking – such that my goal of a single handicap is finally within my grasp! Importantly, he did so by working with what I had and ensuring that I truly understood what I was doing. I highly recommend he help you with your game!

Iain Pearce (Helsby)

Jamie came highly recommended from a friend at my Golf Club. I came for a course of 5 lessons with 2 aims  :-
a) to sort out my short game and
b) to cure my frequent slice with the driver
Jamie didn’t disappoint.
My short game now has some method and logic to it by following a simple drill for each chip or pitch.
My slice disappears when again I follow a simple drill through set-up and shot execution.
A bonus too is as my irons are going further and straighter as a result of set up and shot execution.
Excellent Coach
Many Thanks
JB Chester

Hi Jamie,

I thought I would update you on my practice/play since my Birthday  lesson on the 23rd August. I have practiced most evenings working on  the guidance you gave me. Taking the club back correctly and turning through the ball onto my left side. Yesterday, I played my first competition at Helsby since your help. Cutting to the chase, after 18 years of trying I have finally won my first individual competition. In very wet and difficult conditions I
shot a nett 66. As it was one of only 3 scores under 70 the CSS was 72,  so I am down to 11 now. You are obviously part really nice guy and part genius. I can’t thank you enough for the tuition and Ann my wife (for booking
you) see you on the 15th

many thanks Dave